Taylor Swift YouTube Collaboration

Taylor Swift can accidentally release 8 seconds of white noise and sell thousands upon thousands of copies at $1.29 each.

What happens if we disrupt the stream of squeaky clean marketing? If fans will love and purchase 8 seconds of white noise, what would happen if she took credit for our loud, noisy, subversive electropunk song?

We decided this would be our second music video for our album, but Taylor would take all the credit.

The video was uploaded on our MAN-CAT YouTube page. We discovered you can change your display name to anything you’d like. We chose ‘TaylorSwiftVEVO.’ We then discovered how flexible the channel pages were, and made ours identical to TaylorSwiftVEVO. Playlists, featured videos, social media icons and links, etc. But it was still our channel, and contained our videos underneath the mask.

This was an experiment in what people will believe. And it’s shocking. It was also interesting to see how our song was received when it was re-branded as a dramatic, artsy, experimental turn for one of pop’s biggest stars. We have collected our favorite comments from around the internet from people who were baffled at Taylor’s new direction.

The original footage, taken from the Yahoo livestream event where Swift announced her first pop album, was very clever marketing and spin to turn her inevitable departure from country music into the more profitable Top 40 pop arena more of a graceful, inspired creation of a new sound unlike nothing before. However, it’s really not that different. So what happens if we tweak the footage so the song matched the gusto in her statements?

It’s an exercise in proving that identity is irrelevant. Music culture should center around the the songs and the message; not the tweets, giggles and polaroids of the person who is singing.

Taylor Swift fans were angry and confused. Our YouTube account was permanently terminated and we are forbidden from having any future accounts due to the Taylor Swift mask we were wearing.

FastCompany and Huffington Post both reported that MAN-CAT hacked into Taylor Swift’s official account. We are flattered they think we have the technical savvy to do so.