We are MAN-CAT. Music criminals stationed in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our songs are made of mutated microsamples of Top 40 pop songs.

Our lyrics are collaged from Google-translated sexual innuendo and manufactured messaging of Top 40 pop lyrics.

We wear masks because we believe identity is irrelevant when making media. Pure product, pure message. No attachment, no ego, no problem.

“The cops showed up at one point because MAN-CAT did some weird thing with a radio before their set. Then, the power very briefly went out during their set, which just made their weird set even more weird.”
PHXSUX – May 27, 2016

“Although MAN-CAT utilizes other musicians’ products as the basis for its own work, it’s still regarded as one of the most creative groups in the Phoenix scene.”
Downtown Devil – November 21, 2014

“…one of the more unique bands in ages to storm the occasionally milquetoast Phoenix scene.”
Phoenix New Times – April 29, 2013

Seeing MAN-CAT perform live is a treat unto itself…these guys go so beyond what I usually see when I witness a ’4-piece band’ play a set it’s ridiculous.”
Yab Yum – May 1, 2012

“MAN-CAT has launched a campaign designed to win the hearts and minds of cultural consumers.”
My Old Kentucky Blog – Dec 16, 2010